Zoning Board

The Windham Township Zoning Board created and established by the Board of Township Trustees in accordance and under Sections 519.01 to 510.99 of the Ohio Revised Code.
The Board is comprised of five [5] members appointed by the Board of Township Trustees. Each Member is appointed for a five [5] year term. Each term is staggered to have one [1] term ending each calendar year. Members may be reappointed by the Board of Township Trustees. The Board of Township trustees may also appoint two [2] alternate members for terms determined by the Board of Township trustees.

Name Address Phone Number Term Ends
Llyod Billman
8708 Gotham Road
Garrettsville, OH
330-527-2997 12/31/2013
Glenn Showalter 8725 St.Rt. 303
Windham, OH
330-326-3298 12/31/2017
Gayle Poots 10232 Hopkins Road
Garrettsville, OH
330-527-5885 12/31/2014
Herbert Riggs 9803 Colton Road
Windham, OH
330-326-3370 12/31/2015
Tom Perry 10681 Silica Sand Road
PO Box 426
Windham, OH
330-326-5204 12/31/2016

Note: See Zoning Inspector page for zoning fees.