Road Department

Mike Dye
Township Garage Twp.
Garage: (330) 326-2295

From the Road Crew
With winter quickly upon us and rumored to be a rough one, we wanted to pass on a few suggestions. Looking back on last years frequent and heavy wet snowfalls we thought it might be a good idea to pass along to citizens to put up some sort of brace to your mailboxes for stability.

The set up of our current plow is a fixed wing plow, thus meaning that it is unable to be angled away from objects and the blade is tapered that the intake is at about 28” and the discharge reaches over 40”. The discharge being 40 plus inches puts it right at about mailbox height, which puts it at risk with wet heavy snow.

As far as cemetery matters, as always we encourage flower arrangements in the saddle type that fits on top of the headstone all yearlong. This keeps expensive arrangements from being caught up in the weed eaters. If chosen to use flower pots that sit on the ground we recommend ceramic type, again trimmer line cuts right through the plastic flower pots.

Another good hint that we have been seeing out there is when using top saddle mounted arrangements is to try and secure it with small twine, small wire or even fishing line. This keeps it tethered to your stone area in the event of high winds.

One last hint is to attach the name of the headstone that it belongs to on the saddle, so if it is blown off we will know where it belongs. Have a safe winter.