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March 1, 2007
Resolution 3-1-1-07

The Board of Trustees of Windham Township ,Portage County met in regular session at 7pm on March 1, 2007 with the following members present; Dann Timmons, Howard Furl and Brain Miller.

Mr. Furl moved to adopt the following resolution;

WHEREAS Section 505.10 of the Ohio Revised Code grants authority to a board of Trustees to authorize the sale of personal property, including motor vehicles, road machinery, equipment, tools, or supplies which is not needed for public use or it is obsolete or unfit for use for which it was acquired, by internet auction.

The auctions will be conducted for fifteen days for bidding of property, including Saturdays, Sundays and legal Holidays. The township will contract with a representative to conduct the auction.

When the property is sold the board may establish a minimum price that will be accepted for specific items and may establish any other terms and conditions for this particular sale, including requirements for pick-up or delivery, method of payment. The information shall be provided on the internet at the time of the auction and may be provided before that time upon request after terms and conditions have been determined by the board or its representative.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the board of trustees of Windham Township, Portage County, Ohio authorize the sale of items no longer needed will be posted on the internet as they become available.

Mr. Miller seconded the motion to adopt the Resolution, on the roll call being called the vote result as follows;

Mr. Furl; Aye
Mr. Miller; Aye
Mr. Timmons; Aye

Resolution 3-1-1-07 adopted March 1, 2007

Jayme Neikirk
Fiscal Officer


Islerscaping would like to encourage the Windham Village Government and Windham Township Trustees to consolidate these lists to establish a diverse tree planting program. We could well be on our way in creating a Windham Arboreatum".

The Dirt Daubers Garden Club over the last 20 years has paid for planting
numerous tree species at the Community Center entrance and on the Township Green. It is exciting to know that over 23 different tree species have already been planted in the "Windham Aboreautum". Imagine groups of school children or indi
viduals walking around the town or cemetery enjoying the different trees and homes.
For further information about Memorial Trees contact Bill Isler at 330-326-2649

Download List in PDF. Memorial Tree List January 2008.pdf

NOTE: Opening PDF files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Available free at