Cemetery Board

Purchase of a lot entitles buyer to the right of burial on said lot: real estate remains the property of Windham Township.

Any one family may purchase a maximum of four (4) lots at one time, and purchase price shall be paid in full at the time of the purchase.  Lots not used shall be returned to Windham Township and the amount paid for the lot or lots shall be refunded.  NO LOTS MAY BE SOLD OR TRANSFERRED BY INDIVIDUALS.

BURIAL REGULATIONS: All funerals once in the cemetery are under the direction of the trustees or their representatives

  • Burial is restricted to humans – no pets, etc.
  • Ashes of cremations must be in a container of metal, an urn of any other material must be placed in a urn vault combination of marble or granite. NO ASHES SHALL BE SCATTERED WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE CEMETERY.  No more than three (3) cremation burials shall be permitted on any one grave space. 
  • All adult remains shall be in closed caskets and shall be placed in a concrete lined burial vault of a top seal type; we nolonger accept bottom seal vaults, grave liners(C-Box). No cardboard containers will be allowedBabies up to 36” are required to use a McCord combination casket/vault or that equivalent of. 
  • No one other than a representative of the township shall open and close the burial site.
  • Lowering device must be used and shall be furnished by the Vault Company or funeral director.
  • Funeral directors or representative are required to stay at the site until vault is sealed and in place. No funerals should be scheduled to arrive at the cemetery no later than 2pm.
  • Lot fees and open and closing fees shall be paid in advance of the opening. It is the obligation of the responsible party to pay this money to the township.


Resident Lots $200.00

Windham Village Residents Lots $400.00

Non-Resident Lots $500.00

Resident/Open & Closing $200.00

Windham Village Residents/Open & Closing $400.00

Non-Resident/Open & Closing $500.00


Saturday, Sunday or Holiday $200.00


  • In order to qualify for resident rate, deceased must have been a resident of Windham Township for (6) six months immediately prior to their demise. Time spent in a nursing home or similar facility shall not affect resident status.

  • All foundations shall be placed by Windham Township. Foundations will be poured twice each year in May and October. The first order cut off time shall be no later than May 1st, with work to be completed not later than May 20th. The second order cut off time shall not later than Oct. 1st. with work to be completed by Oct. 31st. Fee shall be determined by a uniform charge per square foot of concrete, plus any other costs of the complete installation of the foundation. Current charge is $40.00 per square foot but may be subject to change. Payment must be made directly to the monument company or directly to the Township prior to foundation being poured.                                                                                                                                      
  • There shall be a limit of one (1) tombstone per grave space.
  • Government markers shall be placed on the back of the tombstone.
  • Township employees shall do ALL lawn mowing. No individuals may bring or operate a mower of any type within the confines of the cemetery.
  • There shall be NO fencing outlining grave or marker.
  • There shall be NO flowers outlining grave or marker.
  • There shall be no stones or edging materiel outlining a grave or marker.
  • NO sod shall be placed on any grave. The township will level and seed all graves.
  • NO trees shall be planted on, around, or near any grave space.
  • All winter wreaths and/or decorations must be removed not later than April 1st of each year must, or the township will remove and discard such items.
  • The township reserves the right to remove any shrub or shrubs, flowers, urns, etc. that interferes with the normal operations, or not lending to the appearance, of the cemetery.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call any of the persons listed below:

Dann Timmons, Trustee 330-527-2468

Brian Miller, Trustee 330-326-2041

Jesse Wirick, Trustee 330-326-3180

Jayme Neikirk, Fiscal Officer 330-326-2971